I wrote this song almost 5 years ago for my daughter, Kamree. When I became a mother, I wanted to write each of my children their own special song that could be theirs forever! This inspired very personal reflection to determine what message they needed to personally hear.

For my daughter, it was one of self-worth. I wanted her to have a song she could sing that gave her the confidence to know who she truly was. Not just OUR precious daughter whom we love dearly, but a most beloved daughter of a Heavenly Father who cherishes her more than she, or I, can comprehend. The day that I wrote this song, I could hear the harp-like sound in the accompaniment. This is what I was going for! Shortly after that, I actually wrote a harp part to go with the piano (sheet music to be added soon)! This song can be sung in it’s simple form, but it also has a cool counter-part harmony that is easy enough for children to sing.

I’ve loved hearing my daughter sing this song through the past several years! It’s been just as empowering to hear my boys sing it, as well. I love its message… because I know who I am and how important I am to my Father in Heaven, I will do my part to return to Him once again. Enjoy this beautiful, sweet song.

*This song was originally written in Db major. I changed it for ease of use for the majority of people. But, if you’re interested in the Db major version, send me an email at brita@britamiles.com and I’ll give you access to it!

-Brita M. 



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