"Brita’s music truly speaks to the heart. I feel closer to the spirit when I sing her powerful lyrics that bear testimony of eternal truths.  Whether it’s an original song or an arrangement of a timeless classic, her music is inspirational.  I have directed and performed her music with several large choral groups and small ensembles with great outcomes.  My choir groups have requested more of her arrangements because of the emotions they feel when they perform her pieces.  Her music has beautiful melodic lines with a rich flowing choral score. Her piano accompaniments are full and rich with a modern edge that a younger generation will gravitate to."

- Melissa C.

"Brita’s music has a simple power about it! Some of our sweetest family memories have been created while singing her original songs and hymn arrangements. Her music softens hearts and deeply plants eternal truths.  Those who experience Brita’s music are inspired to become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ!"

- Heather P.

"Brita Miles is an extraordinarily gifted vocal/choral composer and arranger. Her work is fresh and original, marked by beautiful melodies, and rich, innovative harmonies. She effectively meshes lyrics with music, thereby creating a memorable and spiritual experience for the audience.  She has a remarkable way of reaching out to singers and audiences alike. She especially connects with youth.  When members of a young chorus excitedly tell you how much "fun" they had singing one of Brita's sacred pieces, you know they were touched in a very meaningful and special way.  That's the power of great music!"

- Richard R. 

"Brita's music is uplifting, inspiring and original. Her arrangements of hymns bring new and exciting life to them. As a pianist, I enjoy very much the piano accompaniment parts she writes. It allows the piano to shine as much as the vocalist. It's very satisfying to play. Brita's work always touches me deeply."

Ann H.

"Brita Miles is not your everyday composer. There is something "more" to special music than required talent and developed skills. Its something unquantifiable, the gift to recognize it when you hear it wether it be in your own writing, performance, or something special you hear in someones voice or the way they touch the keys, and the ability to visualize, organize, and realize all of the many pieces to completed music. Brita has this gift both as an artist and a producer. Simply explained it's just in her. I see it when she's composing on the fly, I've seen it in her interaction with a small group to get their best studio performance, I've seen it when she's teaching and conducting literally more than ten thousand youth (at one time) in multiple performances, I seen it on their faces smiling, laughing, and yet focused watching Brita work, waiting for the next crazy whim of direction to give to their performance, and most impressive I've seen the attention given one by one. They are drawn to her and want to be a part of what she is engaged in because they can feel the spirit and love that is present. She effected them. I could say the same about her music. Give it a listen and it will effect you. I look forward to Brita's next musical journey."

- Scott V.

Over the past couple of years I have been able to work with Brita on several projects and have witnessed her inspired process. It has been my privilege to sit down with her and work one on one to write a part specifically tailored to my voice. Whenever we work together, I always feel the influence of the spirit and see the inspiration as it translates into her music. Whether it’s an arrangement of a classic hymn, or a new original work, her music is fresh, full of the spirit, and particularly accessible to youth and younger audiences. That said, Brita’s music permeates through generations of listeners and can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The choral arrangements are always impressive, reasonable in their level of difficulty, and are a great addition to any Ward or Stake music library. Her solos, duets, and numbers for small groups are becoming favorite choices for special musical numbers across the congregations of the church. Whenever I’m asked to provide spiritual music, or lead a church choir, I will always turn to the stunning music of Brita Miles.”

-Patrick U. 



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