After the Ogden Temple Cultural Celebration was over and I had time to reflect, I was so inspired by the thousands of youth that were united in song. It was such a powerful and moving experience for me to witness them “shining their light” for the world to see! It inspired me to write a song about being a light in this dark world we live in. Things seem to be much more “black and white” these days. They must know who they are, what they want to choose, and then live their lives with certainty for others to follow. My favorite line of this song states: “because I know deep inside, I am strong and fortified, sent to turn the tide.”  The youth of today are a generation prepared to help bring peace back to the earth before the Savior’s return. I have felt it, and have seen it in their eyes! This is a powerful STATEMENT song for them to sing. The hope being that as they hear it or sing it, they will truly know how to stand as a beacon in their own unique way.

For all you piano players out there, I hope you enjoy playing this accompaniment! It was fun to write, especially because I love to play those lower octaves!! The left hand really gets to shine in this piece.

A solo and 2-part choir versions of this song will be available soon.

As a side-note, my ward used this song as their theme song for Trek. The voices at the beginning are various youth from my ward. You could easily plug in youth from your own ward in a similar manner. It gives an opportunity for those to participate who don’t like to sing as much.

- Brita Miles



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