This song might seem out of place from the other music I’ve written. That’s because I’ve mainly focused on writing spiritual music since I was a teenager. But anyone who knows me, knows I like to do a lot of fun things with music too!  When I got the call to be the Music Director for the Ogden Temple Cultural Celebration, this song ended up being born. Because of the very short time span we had to prepare, I literally had only a few days to come up with a song that went along with the Ogden Hub railroad history portion of the program. I had recently taken up the ukulele for fun, and as I started playing around with the song “I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad,” I was inspired to write a counter-part to it all about Promontory Point.

This is a “Part A, Part B, then Part A & B together” type of song. It has a simple ukulele accompaniment designed for even the most beginning players. In fact, hundreds of kids took up the ukulele just to learn this song and play it at the celebration. It was SO much fun!! I also wrote some Part A & Part B sound effects that add a lot to the performance as well. I wasn’t sure if this song would be used again after it was over, but to my surprise I have gotten requests for it from 4th grade teachers in particular who teach their students all about Utah’s history. It’s a perfect song for kids to learn all about that Golden Spike while having fun!

*A downloadable track and minus track will be available sometime in the near future.

- Brita Miles



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